Top 5 Reasons to Keep Your Windows Bar Clean!

We are all so busy these days. Who has the time to wipe the windows? Is it really that important? I’d like to provide the top five reasons why you should keep your windows clean. This is true at home, at work, and even at your favorite cafe, boutique, or salon.

1: Glass Protection

This reason being number one may surprise some. Allow me to explain why. Because glass is permeable, it absorbs many of the pollutants in the air. These will eat away at the structure of the glass over time, causing slight corrosion.

There is dismay when, despite numerous cleanings, certain windows remain as filthy as before. In many situations, these windows are rusted rather than filthy. When applied from the outset, a regular cleaning routine will reduce those issues.

Another example is when builders work around your house and leave cement or paint overspray on the windows. This will permanently discolor the glass if not cleaned immediately.


2: Visual Appeal

The windows of the cafe next door were rarely cleaned, and when they were, it was generally by one of the servers. Was constantly crowded, thanks to its reputation for high-quality food, coffee, and business presentations. Because we were facing the beach, the view was frequently obstructed by sea spray and salty air. The problem was reduced by regular cleaning. A clean, bright, and well-presented business has more attraction than one that is messy and untidy.  Looking at both cafes from the street, you could tell who approached their business with the greatest professionalism. I’m sure you’ve experienced a similar experience.

3: A More Vibrant Environment

The same applies at home. The winter light will beam through clean windows and bring natural warmth. Cleaning your windows throughout your spring cleaning will, of course, make your home feel brighter. Many of my clients’ spirits have been lifted by the freshness of a clean environment. A lady recently stated that having clean windows at home is like taking a bath – it is so cleansing.

So there are three of my top five reasons to keep your windows clean. What are the final two? Consider the following…

4: A More Pleasant Work Environment

Have you ever seen an untidy and cluttered office? Perhaps an accountant or a lawyer is involved. How confident are you in their ability to deliver a competent service? How does the staff function in such an environment?

A tidy work environment may considerably improve efficiency and employee morale. This is true for both indoor and external window cleaning. Having clean windows can significantly improve your company’s initial professional image. It communicates to the public that this company cares, which can only benefit your bottom line.

5: Upkeep Is Important

We all know what happens when we don’t maintain our cars or our homes. This ongoing maintenance of our valuable assets increases the possible longevity of these two purchases. We clean our teeth, our bodies, and our houses on a daily basis. Regular check-ups help the health of the people listed above.

The same is true for our windows. Regular cleaning protects them and helps to avoid future problems.